A friend of mine recommended I participate in BIT training in the winter.  I had no idea what I was in for other than he said it would be beneficial to my fitness.


So I signed-up and brought my bike.  I thought this would be just like a causal spinning class.  Boy, was I wrong!  First off, I was pushed hard on those core exercises.  Then the various interval routines would leave me drenched in sweat (had a nice pool under my bike).  Bob has a wonderful way of not only motivating you to your limit, but giving encouragement along the way.  Finally, I had some structure to my training.  I was able to go beyond any goals I had dreamed about.


People at work were wondering what I was doing.  I lost 35lbs of fat.  My energy and endurance levels went through the roof.  I started participating in some organized activities (RAIN, Grand Fondo, etc.) and did quite well.


Today, I can do the Nebo B (hammerfest) ride consistently without being dropped.  At 53, my fitness level is the best it has ever been.  I was able to avoid being on hypertension drugs from biking.  The only problem is that my wife sort of regrets creating a monster cycling fanatic.  Thanks, Bob!


     ~Henry Kim, Anesthesiologist

This is my first year of outdoor cycling after many years of spinning. I learned of Bob Brooks through another student who suggested Bob could help me become a better cyclist. After just a session with Bob, I knew she was right. I began seeing results immediately. Bob ensured my bike fit first, then assisted me with learning all aspects of riding such as –skills for greater cardio performance, understanding strength work, training for endurance and hill training. Bob is able to point to the smallest of detail and redirect you for greater performance.


His knowledge and candor helps you put new skills into place immediately.  Bob’s passion for outdoor cycling is clearly evident—even more impressive is his holistic approach.  His patience and teaching techniques are informative, challenging and supportive.  Whether you are looking to improve your cycling—refine skills or develop master-level ability – Bob’s devotion to his discipline is unmatched. I would strongly recommend Bob Brooks to anyone looking dedicated instructor.


      ~ Allison Laramore

I realize that I have no overwhelming desire to push myself to ride fast enough to keep up with the front group.  I was content to ride at 16 - 17 mph.  Since working out with Bob, he has pushed my fitness to a level where 19 - 21 mph is my new comfortable pace.  That will get you in the first group but not for long.  The other component missing is the psychological motivation to push through the pain to stay with the group.  Bob understands this component and has worked with me so that I can ride with the front group in March compared to September when I was on my own.


      ~ Phelgar Washington, Ophthalmologist

Bob Brooks set me to work last fall on several projects that were aimed at helping me become faster on my bike. First, he made convincing suggestions for changing my riding position. Bob helped me evaluate frame, seat, shoe and cleat options that resulted in equipment purchases that have helped me achieve a new riding position that is comfortable, more aerodynamic and increasingly more powerful.


Bob provided a structured off-season training plan that included work on core strength and flexibility as well as daily bike workouts designed to address my specific riding weaknesses.


Now, with the days finally getting longer and spring races just weeks away, I am relieved to have made it through the off season and excited to find that I am faster now than I was at this time last year. I credit the help Bob has given me. With an eye informed by years of racing and riding, Bob sized up my situation last fall and firmly but tactfully convinced me of the need to use the off-season to make substantial changes.


With Bob's help I feel like I have trained smarter, attained greater flexibility, and have found a more efficient riding position.


     ~Mark Dewart, Cat 4 Racer, High School Teacher

The 2006 season was a challenging one for me. I had just started in a new, more demanding role at work and my 1-yr-old had just become a 2 yr old; both added more stress and time constraints to my already busy schedule. In addition, it had seemed like my racing had reached a plateau during the 2006 season.


During a particularly difficult training ride on a warm January day with Doug Trumpey and Tom BonDurant, Doug noted that I was not riding particularly well. Bluntly stated, I was having a difficult time hauling my fat butt over the hills of Southern Indiana. He then suggested that working with Bob Brooks as a coach would help me out substantially.


Within the next month I had a lot of interaction with Bob: Discussions of goals, bike fitting, nutrition analysis, discussions about training, my limiters, etc. In the end we made significant changes to my position on the bike, my training routine, and what I ate.


The suggestions with regard to fit put me in a more comfortable, yet more powerful position on the bike. The changes to my diet dropped my weight from 186 lbs to 164 lbs in just a couple of months while BUILDING power.


Finally the changes in my training plan allowed me much better training without spending much (if any) more time on the bike. Most importantly, having my workouts planned/tailored for me, and analyzed/modified as needed, significantly reduced my stress and made time for other things.


However nothing speaks better than results. I’ll share a few below as examples:


~ I dropped my Trader’s point 7 mi TT PR by nearly a full minute (15:27 in 2007 vs. 16:20 in 2006). I ended up being the 6th fastest person for 2007 at Trader’s Point


~ I dropped my 40k TT PR by two minutes (57:53 in 2007 vs. 59:50 in 2006)


~ During the Pike’s Peak RR last summer, I was still in the field as only one of four category 1-2-3’s left in the race. All the other 123’s had been dropped at this point, including many who would have left me behind in the past!


In the end I accomplished all my goals. To those interested in taking their riding and/or racing to the next level, I’d encourage you to contact Bob Brooks


      ~ Blayne Roeder, PhD, USAC Cat 3 Racer


Bob Brooks from Indianapolis has been my cycling coach since May of 2007. Bob has been a tremendous part of my racing career. He took me on even though I was a CAT 5 rider with only one race under my belt. He has provided more guidance then I could have ever dreamed of both on and off the bike. I have reached personal records that I never thought were possible when I first started riding, including losing some 50 lbs. You couldn't ask for a better coach.


      ~Aaron Denny, Cat 4 Racer