My goals for you are:


1 To have fun


2 Learn how to create and maintain your own training program


3 Share what you’ve learned with others


4 Inform/teach me your unique insights and ideas

Every person who crosses your path has something he or she can share or teach you. As such, I view coaching as a two-way experience. While I guide you to optimal athletic performance, you’ll teach me your unique insights and together, we’ll create and achieve the goals you set forth. My philosophy is goal driven. Without goals, you’ll train aimlessly and less than optimal, perhaps only giving 70 or 80 percent of your best. We often see this with the hordes of cyclists who attend the group training rides week in and week out, but never seem to improve or land on the podium on race day. With specific training objectives, you’ll maintain a day-to-day focus on improving in order to achieve your goals.


Individual Training programs are available on a month-to-month basis at $125 per month. I am available 16 hours a day, seven days a week via either email or cell phone. Programs are broken down into specific workouts every day for the month and aimed at helping you achieve top form for targeted events. Whether you train by power, heart rate, or feel, I will help you reach your goals.


We will focus on maintaining your natural strengths and improving your limiters. Detailed workouts every day will balance strengths and weaknesses. All the while, I’ll help you maintain a life balance that accommodates your time commitments to family, job, social, charitable and other aspects of the well rounded life.