Brooks Integrative Services provides unique therapies and training to help you get the best out of yourself, all from within! These include:


Reiki Therapy    Guided Imagery   Personal Training

Reiki Therapy - The Healing Effect


Holistic educator Edward T. Clark Jr., Ph.D., stated, “Quantum physics now recognizes that the basic substance of the universe is energy. Thus every ‘thing’ in the universe is a temporary manifestation of energy in ‘physical’ form.”


Based on the concept that this energy connects and permeates all forms of life, many alternative healing traditions have reemerged over the past 30 years, including the Japanese practice, Reiki (Ray-Key), which comes from two Japanese words translating to ‘universal life force.’ This universal life force is an energy found within all things – people, animals, plants, rocks, trees, even the earth itself. Reiki practitioners channel that life force, allowing the recipient to receive healing energy.


Western Integration


With Western medicine finally beginning to recognize its healing benefits, major medical centers, including the hospital at Ohio State University, are now discovering the value of integrative healing – in other words, traditional Eastern healing methods are utilized to complement modern medicine.

Reiki is a form of healing that helps alleviate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. Reiki practitioners act as the conduit for a return to the natural state, harmony with unity or consciousness.


Reiki Benefits


•  Relieve pain caused by disease or injury

•  Provide therapeutic relief for someone grieving a loss

•  Reduction of stress and chronic pain

•  Provide calming to someone overwhelmed by stress

•  Treat emotional wounds

•  Clarity into why illness develops

•  Helps alleviate side effects of cancer treatments

•  Helps relieve addictions and ease physical withdrawals from

    chemical dependencies

Guided Imagery


Guided mental imagery is a form of focused relaxation that helps create harmony between the mind and body. It is a way of focusing your imagination to create calm, peaceful images in your mind.


Guided imagery provides a powerful psychological strategy that enhances a person’s coping skills. Imagery involves all the senses, as well as one’s whole body and emotions. It is a way of viewing your ideas, feelings, experiences and interpretations. Imagery can stimulate changes in bodily functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory patterns. It can help you tab inner strengths to find hope, courage and other qualities that can help you cope with a variety of conditions.

Benefits of Guided Imagery


Lifestyle changes or conditions that require medical or surgical interventions often cause patients to feel out of control, scared or overwhelmed. Fear of pain is a commonly expressed concern. Clinical studies show that anxiety can effect pain, prolong recovery time and lower the immune system. Guided mental imagery can bring about the state of mind and body most conducive to healing – deep relaxation and positive focus. Other benefits of guided mental imagery include:


•  Emotional and physical healing

•  Increasing confidence and personal empowerment

•  Improving performance in business or sports

•  Profoundly deep relaxation

•  Curing negativity or self defeating behaviours

•  Enhancing creativity

Bob has helped teenage athletes, weekend warriors and business professionals achieve personal bests and unimagined results via guided mental imagery. Whether you wish to run faster, quit smoking, lose weight, race smarter or reduce or eliminate pain, Guided Mental Imagery is an effective and complementary practice that will help you achieve your goal.


Combining the power of sound with Reiki to stimulate natural brainwaves and different states of consciousness, Bob guides clients to improved health and improved performance.


Thanks in part to Bob’s guided mental imagery sessions, a high school athlete dropped dropped her 1600M time from 5:08 to 4:55, finishing 3rd in the IHSAA State Track Meet her Junior year. The athlete went on to a very successful senior year that culminated in a scholarship to run cross country and track for Ohio State University.

Personal Training


Coach Bob Brooks is a Level 3 USA Cycling certified coach with nearly 20 years experience in the fitness industry. As a personal fitness trainer and spinning instructor since 1997, Bob works with athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels, across multiple athletic disciplines. Since 2004 cyclists coached by Bob have won several State Championships and numerous other local and regional events. Runners coached by Bob have won Sectional and Regional championships and finished on the podium at State competitions. In addition to cyclists and runners, Bob coaches adventure racers and has worked extensviely with seniors, helping them achieve and surpass their goals.


Each athlete possesses unique attributes. Bob creates custom workout plans that include strength, flexibility, cardiovascular training, endurance training and Pilates, to help each athlete achieve their desired goals.

Bob was recommended to me as  Personal Trainer. Our first session was scheduled at a coffee shop for a “chat” at Bob’s request. The “chat” was basically an initial  assessment in which Bob asked me about any medical history, habits, and goals for working with him. He then outlined a potential plan to meet these goals.


My initial impression upon leaving that morning was that Bob was compassionate, interested and skilled to start me working toward my goals in a safe and attainable manner.


During my time working with Bob my initial impressions were more than verified and in fact amplified.


By working with Bob, not only did I lose weight, I also saw significant gains in strength and flexibility. This was done in a controlled manner and when I reached a plateau Bob had the experience and techniques to help me to work through it.


In essence he not only trained me but taught me to train myself. After the “formal “ training sessions were completed, Bob remains available to answer questions.


I see Bob not only as a trainer but as a coach who is interested in his client and their overall development. I highly recommend him.


– Jay Perler, Retired, age 69